Shot break down – Scout in the Sunshine

Here’s just a quick break down of a quick shot you might like to try. Quickly. I took this in the back garden last week when we had a nice break in the cloud. The light at this time of year really is great to photograph anything in,  but here we talk toys, so toys it is!

With the sun to the back of the figure and directly in front of the camera, the light during the ‘golden hour’ (as you’d imagine, that hour or so just before sunset when the sun hangs low in the sky the light becomes warm) on a bright day will provide ample brightness and not leave you with too many shadows without the use of reflectors. If it is slightly shadowy don’t be shy to give the exposure a boosts by dropping the F stop or shutter speed on DSLRs or altering the focal point on other cameras. Some apps now give you the option to choose where the main focal point is and where the brightness level of the image will be selected too so there shouldn’t be any problem, whatever your kit.

The Set Up

As you can see here, what happened beyond the edges of the frame, doesn’t have to be quite as polished. To say the least. By using branches cut from an evergreen to simulate the forests of Endor and sticking them at angles into a block of florists’ Oasis (this can by bought from eBay for next to nothing) you are able to control where the foliage sits in the image. Be sure to layer the background with some ‘trees’ at the far back, some in the middle distance and some in the foreground, even over lapping the subject. This adds depth and can produce interesting effects with the focal range. 

And that’s it! I told you it was quick. You may need to have a play with those branches to get the results you require, but as with all digital photography nobody needs to see your mistakes – just shoot and delete to your hearts content. 

So give it a go. If you found this helpful and are inspired to take your own shot with a similar set up make sure you rage me into your work. I’d love to see it.

Keep photographing and having fun – Mark

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