“Ok, we’re gonna start off nice and easy…”

Welcome to my new Blog site! The idea behind this Blog and the site in general is to share my hobby and love for both photography and toys. The plan is as well as posting my work, I will post behind the scenes images of set ups, tips and techniques of macro shooting both indoors and outside, and even the odd review when I pick up something cool.

I’ll be including shots and examples of products from Lego, Hasbro, Bandai, and Funko to name a few with franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, TMNT, and Disney featuring amongst others.


Although as a professional photographer I shoot Weddings and Portraits for a living (if you’re interested in my day job check out http://www.markwalkerphotography.net) I have over the last year or so developed quite a passion for photographing toys. Be it on location in Sherwood Forest, in the dense jungle that is our back garden, or in the studio I have often found the set up as enjoyable as the results. The use of practical effects where possible has also become something of a joy and creating and solving problems of lighting and effects is also something I hope to share and post to the new Blog.

This whole thing was Sarah’s (my Wife) idea, so if its boring, badly written or inane in any other way I guess you can blame her (and me. a bit.) Besides being the idea behind it though Sarah and my two sons are my biggest fans and heroes at the same time. Part support group, part enabler network they’re my inspiration and the real reason behind my annoying sunny disposition.

When I first started posting my toy images to Instagram, I had no idea the size of the toy photography community online and especially on IG! There is such a talented and warm group of people over on IG without who’s support and inspiration I wouldn’t have produced half the stuff I have, so thanks to all my IG friends too.

Thanks for making it this far and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the site as it develops,


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